Tennessee Sisters Compete for National Beef Ambassador Title

By Lauren Chase, Director of Communications for the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association and Tennessee Beef Industry Council

Claire (left) and Kendall Garrell at the National Beef Ambassador Competition.

Claire (left) and Kendall Garrell at the National Beef Ambassador Competition.

The state of Tennessee was well-represented at the 2015 National Beef Ambassador Contest in Denver last weekend.

Sisters Claire and Kendall Garrell of Petersburg competed for a position on the senior and junior national team. Claire currently holds the title of the Senior Tennessee Beef Ambassador, which made her eligible to compete for one of five spots on the national team. Kendall competed for the junior position. Although the junior title is slightly different than the senior title, both ladies participated in their respective age group’s categories during Saturday’s competition. These included: consumer demonstration, issue response and education & outreach projects. Claire also showcased her interview skills in the media category. 

Scores were combined and compared to the other states’ representatives to select the team. Although Claire and Kendall didn’t make it, the cattlemen and women are still very proud of them for representing the beef industry in the state of Tennessee and in their travels to Denver. They have worked very hard to educate consumers about beef and producing cattle through classroom presentations, social media campaigns and conversations in their daily lives. 

“Being surrounded by so many young people who shared the same passion for agriculture and the beef industry that I did was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the different agricultural lifestyles that people have from all over the country,” said Clarie. “Preparing for the contest and competing was a great way to increase my knowledge about the beef industry and prepare me for being a beef advocate in the future.”  

This competition also marked the end of Rachael Wolters time on the National team. Rachael, from Culleoka, earned a spot last year and has been traveling the country with four other beef ambassadors. They have had many positive interactions with consumers, educating them on how beef is produced, beef’s nutritional value, and much more.

Madison Martin of Madisonville was also in attendance as a team leader. She hopes to compete for the senior title in a few years.

Lauren Chase, Director of Communications for the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association and Tennessee Beef Industry Council, was also there as a judge of two categories: issue response and education & outreach.

We would like to thank the American National CattleWomen, the Beef Checkoff, the Tennessee Beef Industry Council and the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association’s leadership for providing this unique opportunity for our youth in the cattle industry. There were many sponsors of the Beef Ambassador and competition that deserve a big round of applause.

The 2015 National Beef Ambassador Competition Contestants.

The 2015 National Beef Ambassador Competition Contestants.

If you are a high school or college student in Tennessee and are interested in becoming a beef ambassador, please get in touch with Janna Sullivan at the Tennessee Beef Industry Council: jsullivan@beefup.org.

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