10 Reasons to be a Member of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

If you’re wondering why being a member of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association is important…or why you should pay to be involved, let some of the TCA Directors give you the top 10 reasons:

Tennessee Cattlemen's Association

1. “There are so few of us involved in the cattle industry that it is vital that we work together to make our voice known. The TCA provides a voice for the cattlemen and women in Tennessee.” – Jennifer Houston, Sweetwater

2. “We are stronger together than separate.” – Dale Woods, Morrison

3. “To be a part of a unique group representing cattlemen and women…who are striving to better the cattle industry through training, teaching and supporting youth…this helps the future of the cattle industry.” – Chris Gossett, Franklin

The Simpson family of McMinnville, TN.

The Simpson family of McMinnville, TN.

4. “TCA enables my voice to be heard on issues concerning the cattle business.” – Gary Daniel, Cypress Inn

5. “Great promotion of Tennessee beef cattle and we get to learn ways to provide wholesome and safe source of protein for the consumer.” – David Brashears, Lenoir City

6. “If you care about something you need to be involved to better that area. If not, someone else may destroy what you care about.” – Michael Brown, Afton

7. “It’s good to have a group to organize and learn about what is changing in our cattle industries so they can help us producers be successful and to move forward in our businesses.” – Kirk Daniel, Covington

8. “Cattlemen and women are such a small portion of the population. It is important to be a member of a strong group that is speaking for and representing the industry.” – Johnny Woolfolk, Jackson

9. “To stay informed on rapid changes in beef production and to have an advocate beyond our farm gates.” – Dr. Justin Rhinehart, Columbia

10. “I’m involved because I get to learn what TCA does behind the screens with legislation, that has a direct impact on our businesses and way of life.” – Doug Dawkins, Knoxville

Be part of something special. Be part of a group that has your back. Join the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association today for only $30/year. Getting a membership is easy. Just call the office at (615) 896-2333.

With your membership, you’ll also receive Tennessee Cattle Business magazine monthly, delivered to your mailbox. This publication includes cattle production articles written by UT extention specialists, feature stories on cattle producers making a difference and association news.

Be sure to follow TCA on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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