The Farmer’s Life from a Farmer’s Wife

By Whitney Tilley – Ten Mile, Tennessee 

1375636_10202381625564304_1117846450_nI guess I should have known I would never be first.

She will always be his first love.

She steals him away in the early hours of the morning.

I never get the luxury of having him next to me to enjoy a lazy start to the day. She consumes his time, his mind, and his dreams. She is as hard to get out of his thoughts as she is getting out of his clothes. The strain she puts on his body during the day spills over in the night, making rest difficult.

I admit when he first introduced me to her I was jealous. I can see what he sees in her. She is beautiful and dangerous. She calms him one minute and excites him the next. She challenges him to attempt the impossible. She fulfills him, and yet he can never give her enough. I can only hold his hand; she holds his heart. She is his world.

1619311_10203181674885037_1113857328_nThere are never spontaneous trips or dates like most marriages share. Her needs come first, always.

She can romance him in ways that I cannot. The few moments I can take him away from her are spent talking about her. She ignites a passion in him that I could never compete with. She could easily tear us a part, but somehow she makes us strong. From an early age he has chased her trying to master and perfect her. She has made him the honorable man he is today. He would sacrifice it all for her.

10712700_10204919694854450_6252265263576810840_nShe takes his family time, his vacation, and sick days. He would give his last dime to preserve her legacy. He would fight and risk his life for her. I love him because of what she has made him. You have to know her to ever understand her.

The nerve that some people would call her “factory!” Tell that to our kids when we are in 90 degree temperatures picking up hay for winter feedings. Come by and insult her in the dead of winter when the wind chill is close to zero and we are unrolling hay for our herd. Call her factory when we are pleading with God to heal a calf or cow that is sick. Say that to my face when I am mourning the loss of a life.

It didn’t take her long to consume me too. I admit sometimes I don’t know what to do with her, I just know we could never do without her. We depend on her to meet the needs of our family. Not just financially but physically and emotionally. She has made us completely reliant on God for our success. We may seem harsh, but we have to feed the nation. We have failed her by not defending her as much as we should. Because of her we make a difference in this world, in your world.

She is not a factory, she is family. She is farming.

Not a place, not a hobby, not a job. She is a passion, a calling; she is the life of a farmer.
Copyright 2014 Whitney Tilley

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