UT Extension Master Beef Producer Program Update – Lawrence County

The UT Extension Master Beef Producer (MBP) Program started 10 years ago in 2004. Since its inception there have been over 268 Lawrence County Beef and Dairy Producers who have completed the 30 hour course. The MBP Program has been extremely successful, not only in Lawrence County but all across the state. In 2006 the Tennessee Enhancement Grant Program (TAEP) was established and the state began offering incentive to cattle producers who completed the Master Beef Producer Class. Through the life of the TAEP, Lawrence County Producers have been awarded 1042 grants worth 4.3 million dollars, which ranks Lawrence County 1st in the state in grants awarded and 2nd in the state in dollars awarded.

2014 UT Lawrence County Master Beef Producer Graduates

2014 UT Lawrence County Master Beef Producer Graduates

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, which administers the TAEP, announced in January that producers who completed the MBP from 2004-2007 would be required to complete the newly developed Advanced Master Beef Producer (AMBP) Course prior to applying for the TAEP cost share re-embursements in 2015. They would be required to do this in order to be eligible for the 50% cost-share on the Genetics, Equipment, Hay Storage and Feed Storage Grants. This would continue in 2016, requiring those who completed the class from 2008-2011 to complete Advanced MBP. The 3 year cycle would be rounded out in 2017 requiring those who completed the MBP course from 2012-2014 to complete AMBP.

The Advanced Master Beef Producer Class will be structured similar to the MBP with more advanced, updated and concise programs. Class coordinators will have the flexibility to plan their respective courses that will have to cover at least 7 of the 10 specific programs that UT Extension Specialist have developed. The new program areas include:

Nutrition, Reproduction, Genetics, Health, Forages, Marketing/Management, End Product, Behavior/Facilities, Beef Quality Assurance, and Industry Issues.

The Advanced Master Beef Producer Class will also be available to producers who have never completed the Original Master Beef Producer Class. This will suffice for their TAEP requirements and these producers will be given added resource materials that graduates of the Original Master Beef Producer Classes have already received.

To assist those who would like to complete the Advanced Master Beef Producer Program, we have scheduled 3 different classes in 2015. Below are schedules for the first 2 classes and we will offer the 3rd class on Tuesday and Thursday nights in October.

  Class 1                        (Winter Daytime Option)

            3 Consecutive Wednesdays from 8am-2pm.

Wednesday Jan. 14th – in Maury County                     Reproduction – Dr. Justin Rhinehart

Marketing – Dr. Andrew Griffith

Handling/Behavior–Calvin Bryant

Wednesday Jan. 21st – in Giles County                       Genetics – Dr. David Kirkpatrick

Forages – Kevin Rose

Carcass/Meats – Richard Groce

Wednesday Jan. 28th – in Lawrence County               Health – Dr. Lew Strickland

Nutrition – Calvin Bryant


            Class 2                        (Winter Evening Option)

            8 Consecutive Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6-9pm.

Tuesday February 3rd – in Maury County                   Genetics – Dr. David Kirkpatrick

Thursday February 5th – Giles County                        Health – Dr. Lew Strickland

Tuesday February 10th – in Lawrence County            Nutrition– Calvin Bryant

Thursday February 12th – in Maury County                Reproduction – Dr. Justin Rhinehart

Tuesday February 17th – in Giles County                    Forages– Kevin Rose

Thursday February 19th – in Lawrence County           Marketing – Dr. Andrew Griffith

Tuesday February 24th – in Lawrence County            Handling/Behavior– Calvin Bryant

Thursday February 26th – in Maury County               Carcass/End Product– Richard Groce

            Class 3                        (Fall Evening Option)

            8 Consecutive Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6-9pm. Beginning on October 6th.

As in the past the cost for the class will be $50 as long as you have a Premise ID and are current in your BQA Certification. Registration forms are available at the Extension Offices. Please call the Lawrence County Extension Office at 762-5506or email Calvin Bryant – ibryant1@utk.edu if you would like to register or have questions.

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