Cypress Inn Cattle Producer Becomes President of Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

Gary Daniel, cattle producer from Cypress Inn, TN elected president of the Tennessee Cattlemen's Association

Gary Daniel, cattle producer from Cypress Inn, TN elected president of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

We are excited to announce that the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association has elected Gary Daniel of Cypress Inn, TN as its President.

Daniel is a cow-calf producer from Cypress Inn, TN. He graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education. He and his wife Shirley have raised two daughters who are now in their 30s.

Daniel is passionate about the cattle business and is eager to lead the cattle producers in Tennessee.

“It is exciting to be a part of the leadership team at TCA,” said Daniel. “We have a great group of board members and staff that have the cattle industry’s best interest in mind while conducting TCA business. The presidents before me have been great mentors with their leadership of TCA. I look forward to meeting cattle people from all across the state over the next two years.”

Daniel became the association president at the TCA’s 30th Annual Convention and Trade Show on Jan. 17 in Murfreesboro. He will serve two years in this role.

“Gary Daniel is a common sense cattle producer with the background and experience to know the issues and the integrity to do what’s right for the cattle producers in Tennessee every time,” said Charles Hord, executive vice president of TCA.

Daniel hopes to “continue to be a voice for the cattle industry in Tennessee by working with the government to prevent over regulation and monitor activists’ activities.”  He also wishes to support causes that will enhance Tennesseean youth’s interest in the cattle business.

“Cattle ranching is a life that many of us love,” said Daniel. “TCA is the collective voice of producers to help make this life possible in the future.”

For more information on TCA, please visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @TennesseeCattle.

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