Tennessee Legislative Update: Friday, February 27

The House Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee met on February 25 for just the second time this year. There were no bills discussed in this meeting. However, Forestry and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture officials shared information on issues in Forestry and within the department.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.18.44 AMThe Senate Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee also met on February 25. Several state Forestry Commission appointments were made in addition to one bill. (SB 0204 Niceley/HB 1318) Personal Property – As introduced, specifies that it is not an offense to take a black vulture in this state and that state resources may not be used to enforce any prohibition against taking black vultures in this state. – Amends TCA Title 70.

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association was able to testify during this committee meeting on the impact of Black Vultures on Livestock Producers in Tennessee. You can click on this link to watch video of our testimony.  Our portion begins at approximately the 14:30 mark. The bill passed out of committee.

The bill has been placed on the Calendar for the House Agriculture and Natural Resources subcommittee for March 3. TCA plans to be in attendance for this meeting as well and will offer testimony if need be.

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