UT Block and Bridle Travel to San Antonio, TX for NCBA

By: Amelia Woods, UT Block and Bridle Club Reporter

10952396_1050661408282388_2298612678794870467_nSix members of the UT Block and Bridle club traveled to San Antonio for the annual National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention. The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association and UT Animal Science Department sponsored these members to attend the trade show and meetings while at Convention. The students are all active members of the club and industry enthusiasts. The students were able to network and meet with industry leaders during their time in San Antonio. One student even had the chance to inquire about an internship with the Noble Foundation.

Students were prepared to hand out resumes and talk to future employers about internships and jobs. The importance of strengthening relationships with industry professionals is key for students pursuing degrees in agriculture fields. The challenge of this generation is to feed the growing population of an estimated 9 Billion by 2050. The Tennessee Cattlemen are aware of this statistic and understand the importance of continuing to educate young people for the industries future. Teaching students to tell their own story of agriculture was a common theme throughout the convention. They were encouraged to use social media and technology as their platform. Many companies offered prizes for posting to their Facebook or tweeting about their company.

10984268_1050674771614385_3737549802667507889_nThese members all come from different backgrounds and majors. This opportunity opened doors for these students to experience the beef industry not only in Tennessee but also all over the country. There were many demonstrations on cattle handling that applied to many different areas of livestock production and BQA requirements. Understanding how to lower stress on cattle when loading trailers or working with them was a key topic of the demonstrations. Learning how cattlemen work their livestock in South Texas was a highlight for one student.

“We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children…”

The Tennessee Cattlemen are preparing the future generation of industry leaders to continue the outstanding legacy of agriculture in Tennessee. The students are thankful for this opportunity to expand their knowledge and grow as industry leaders in the footsteps of great beef producers.


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