Tennessee Cattlemen’s Celebrates Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, we are honoring those men who provide and protect their families…who love and sacrifice for their kids…who represent honor and are role models for their communities. Members of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association have shared with us what their dads mean to them…

“My dad is where I got my passion for farming and agriculture, him and mom overcame great odds to start our farm and make sure we grew up on a farm. He taught me what the love of raising cattle truly means.” – Amelia Woods

Meredith Mayfield and her father.

Meredith Mayfield and her father.

“He is a great example of a man that has worked hard and loved harder. I am so thankful that I have those same qualities instilled in me from his example that I may be able to love, provide, and hopefully pass down the same to my family.” – Casey Simpson

“Everyone appreciates their father’s role and devotion to their development and relationship.  My father’s influence and knowledge of what our family and industry is moving towards has been priceless and rewarding to say the least!” – Lake Elliott

“My father is the strongest, hardest working man I know. He has supported everything my brothers and I have ever done and I am so thankful for the opportunities that he has provided us. We are lucky to have him!”Meredith Mayfield

“No matter what is happening, I know that I can rest safe and secure in my father, and freely receive from him. Thank you for your love, your provisions, and your wisdom.” – Melody Cody

Michelle Daniel Rowlett and her father, Gary.

Michelle Daniel Rowlett and her father, Gary.

“My daddy has unconditional love for his family and tremendous passion for his farm and the cattle industry. He has taught me hard work, responsibility and dependability among numerous other things that make me who I am proud to be today.”Michelle Daniel Rowlett

“In a house full of girls there is always something getting broken or needing to be fixed. In our house we are fortunate that Dad can fix anything. From flat tires to bed frames, leaky hoses to snakes in the flower bed, we call on Dad.”Hannah Nave

“My dad is my rock. He is the perfect example of a father, husband, and Godly man. He’s my fishing buddy, softball coach, shoulder to cry on, partner in crime, and a constant source of encouragement, wisdom, and love.”Virginia Houston

Some of the Houston Family

Ross, Mark and Virginia Houston

Thank you fathers for developing the next generation of not only cattle farmers, but also, citizens of the world. We love you!

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