12 Things Tennessee Cattlemen’s Has Done For You Lately

3Here are 12 things that the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association has done for you lately…

  • 1. The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) coordinated with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and traveled to Washington DC to meet with Tennessee’s Congressional delegation. We discussed issues such as beef’s role in the Dietary Guidelines, trade deals impacting beef products, EPA authority over farms and other issues impacting cattle producers.
  • 2. TCA represents producers in Nashville on the Capital regarding issues important to Tennessee producers. TCA lobbied in Nashville to loosen protections on the destructive Black Vulture, to combat efforts by PETA, HSUS and other radical animal rights groups, and promote the interests of cattle producers across the state.
  • 3. TCA cooked brisket for the entire Tennessee 109th General Assembly as part of Ag Day on the Hill activities.
  • 4. TCA attended and supported bull sales throughout the state.
  • 5. TCA provided the latest information on animal welfare, Humane Slaughter, market opportunities and field days through our website www.tncattle.org
  • 16. TCA sent out the weekly Monday Memo to over 2,300 producers keeping them up to date on market conditions and cattle related events.
  • 7. TCA donated over $20,000 to support youth activities in the state including sponsoring the Tennessee Beef Expo premiums, Tn. State Fair Steer Show, Agribition, county livestock shows, Ag in the Classroom, six Farm Credit Heifer Scholarships and three college scholarships for outstanding youth interested in studying agriculture in college.
  • 8. TCA organized the largest cattle convention and trade show in the state with 70 vendors and almost 1,000 attendees. Also attending are nationally known speakers concerning animal welfare, cattle price outlook and trends, animal health and marketing.
  • 9. TCA met with Tennessee Department of Agriculture Ag Enhancement Program representatives to discuss/coordinate the future of the genetics portion of the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program.
  • 10. TCA met with Tennessee Department of Agriculture Marketing Specialists to coordinate direct marketing programs for beef producers.
  • IMG_381411. TCA conducted numerous Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Seminars across the state to help educate producers and assure they meet all qualifications for future cost share programs and participating in value added sales.
  • 12. TCA coordinated the purchase and donation of 2,000 lbs of beef to needy families through a partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank.

To get these benefits and be part of driving innovation in the Tennessee cattle community, join TCA for as little as $30 per year. You can download the membership form here or call our office: (615) 896-2333.

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