Teach Kids about Beef Cattle This Month! – Tennessee Agriculture Literacy is Nov. 15-21

Group Of Diverse Kids Holding Blank SignAgriculture continues to rank as one of Tennessee’s most productive industries. Tennessee’s agriculture and forest products account for approximately 21 percent of the state’s economy and generate more than $71 billion in total economic activity.

Less than 2% of our nation’s population are involved in raising our country’s food and fiber. One American farmer now raises enough food and fiber for 155 people. With an increasingly urban population and with fewer people raised on farms and ranches, the majority of today’s consumers do not know how their food is raised and processed.

“It is up to those involved in agriculture to share the story of how we are raising the animals and crops that feed and clothe our country”, states Lou Nave, executive director of the Farm Animal Care Coalition of Tennessee.

Tennessee farmers and ranchers are encouraged to share their stories and agriculture knowledge with school students during Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week, November 15 -21, 2015.

“Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week is a great opportunity for farmers and ranchers to visit local schools, read accurate agriculture books and interact with students and teachers,” continued Nave.

Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week will allow everyone involved in agriculture to focus attention toward our vibrant industry through literacy promotions in local school systems. Farmers, ranchers FFA and 4-H members, and others involved in agriculture are encouraged to contact local school systems and schedule a visit to read agriculturally themed books to school students.

Many segments of Tennessee’s agriculture industry have strong literacy outreach programs. Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week should enhance and support those efforts while providing guidance and opportunities for new and innovative agriculture literacy programs.

A Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week guide including appropriate books, useful support material and useful steps for success has been created. These resources are available at http://www.TennesseeAg.org.

To capitalize on this concerted effort, Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week activities should be completed by November 25, 2015. Volunteers should complete a basic feedback form after each school visit (available at http://www.TennesseeAg.org).

If you have any questions, please contact Lou Nave at Farm Animal Care Tennessee’s Coalition of Tennessee: (615) 970-8065.

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