Apply for the 2016 Beef Leaders Institute at the American Angus Association

Submit applications by March 1 to be considered for the program.

Two cowboys and there dog working with a large herd of cattle

The Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) is a premier leadership experience for American Angus Association® members that provides a look into the entire beef supply chain, while enhancing participant knowledge of the Association and strengthening their leadership skills. Angus producers between 25-45 years old are encouraged to apply for the ninth annual BLI scheduled for June 20-24, 2016. Applications are due back to the Association by March 1.

“The Beef Leaders Institute is an annual highlight, as we bring together Angus breeders from across the country for an in-depth look at our business,” says Jaclyn Clark, Association director of events and education. “Participants gain practical knowledge, valuable connections and a greater appreciation for the role of quality beef in today’s marketplace.”

The program brings Angus producers together in Saint Joseph, Mo., for a series of informative sessions, followed by a three-day tour across several industry segments.

During the event, BLI participants are able to tour a beef harvesting and packing facility, retailer, fabricator, feedlots and other industry segments, including the American Angus Association. Those selected will also learn about the ultimate end product — the Certified Angus Beef® brand — and how the branded beef program drives demand for quality Angus genetics.

 “BLI overall has been an excellent experience, and I encourage other producers to attend,” said Jed Connealy of Whitman, Neb. “It’s a unique opportunity to see many different sectors of the industry, and most of the things we’ve seen on BLI are things you don’t just walk in and see by yourself. It’s a really neat opportunity that cattlemen on all levels should take advantage of.”

The Association provides transportation, lodging, meals and materials during BLI. Attendees will be responsible for round-trip transportation between their home and either Kansas City or Saint Joseph, Mo.

To apply, download an application or contact the American Angus Association at 816-383-5100. Information can also be found on

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