Anderson Elected President of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

steve-andersonMembers of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) recently elected Steve Anderson of Smith County as the association’s president during the 32nd annual convention and trade show in Murfreesboro. Anderson will serve in this role for the next two years.

Anderson has extensive experience in the cattle business. He has been a seedstock producer, a commercial cow-calf operator, a stocker/backgrounder, feedlot consultant, order buyer and a livestock market employee. Currently, he is the owner of the Woodbury Livestock Market in Cannon County.

“I bring a unique perspective to this office that no one before me has had,” said Anderson. “With these experiences in my portfolio, I can relate to everyone’s feelings in the business.”

Charles Hord, executive vice president of TCA is excited to have Anderson at the helm. “Anderson has a passion for the cattle industry that started as a boy when he worked at the local sale barn. He now operates his own sale barn, as well as a stocker operation. He is all cattleman and will represent producers in Tennessee very well.”

Anderson hopes that in this role he will be able, with the help of others, create more programs and promote the importance of vaccinations in herds. “Vaccinating cattle is so much more important than many realize. It’s one of my goals to help producers see that.” He also wants producers in Tennessee to understand that together more can be accomplished than alone. “As policy and procedures that affect our industry are considered at the state level and nationally, I want everyone to know that TCA will be watching. Together, we have a large voice so it’s important that we join and become a collective group through groups like TCA.”

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