TCA and TBIC Select Young Cattlemen’s Conference Representative

Will Mayfield HeadshotThe Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) and the Tennessee Beef Industry Council (TBIC) have selected Will Mayfield of Pulaski, TN. to attend the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC) happening May 31-June 8.

According to NCBA, the YCC trip’s purpose is: “to develop leadership qualities in young cattlemen and expose them to all aspects of the beef industry. The tour helps these young leaders understand all areas of our industry ranging from industry structure to issues management, from production research to marketing.”

Mayfield, and others, will begin the trip at NCBA’s headquarters in Denver, CO to take an in-depth look at many of the issues affecting the beef industry and what NCBA is doing to address these issues. They will also receive a comprehensive view of market information from Cattle-Fax. The group will then travel to JBS Five Rivers’ Kuner Feedyard, one of the nation’s largest cattle feeding operations and later, tour the JBS Greeley facility, which is one of the nation’s largest beef packing and processing plants. After that, the group will travel to Chicago, IL to visit the Chicago Board of Trade & OSI, Inc. one of the nation’s premiere beef patty manufacturers. To complete the trip, the group will then finish in Washington D.C., where they will meet with their state’s representatives and visit with a number of regulatory agencies that make decisions affecting agriculture.

“I am excited about the opportunity to encounter the full scope of the beef industry,” said Mayfield. “From policy-to-plate, I believe this conference will allow me to gain an increased knowledge of the industry that can be used back home to help Tennessee.”

Mayfield is a third generation Angus breeder from Giles County. In high school, he was involved with 4-H and FFA programs. He graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a degree in animal science and was a member of the Alpha Kappa chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. Mayfield was also on the livestock judging team. He then continued his education through the Master’s program, under the direction of Dr. Neal Schrick, focusing his studies on Angus genetics. Because of his work with the Angus Association, he was offered the regional manager position with them, covering the northeast U.S. During that time he was offered the Beef Coordinator position with Select Sires, which is now his current job.

“The TBIC is pleased to support Will Mayfield’s placement on the YCC tour this year,” said Valerie Bass, executive director of the TBIC. “He is a young leader and this experience will broaden his knowledge of the industry segments, expand his understanding of programs and grow his peer relationships across the nation.”

Charles Hord, the executive vice president of TCA added, “Will has a promising future in the cattle industry. We know he will represent Tennessee well.”

Mayfield will be joined by nearly 50 other young leaders from across the country, as well as NCBA staff. He will also be joined by Tennessee’s Chris Martin of Lyles, representing the Tennessee Simmental Association and Lake Elliott of Adams, representing the American Angus Association.

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