Make the Most of Your Tobacco, Beef Operation

IMG_0956Presentations at Tobacco, Beef and More Field Day Provide Value for Producers

Whether you’re a beef cattle producer or a tobacco producer, you can learn useful strategies to make your operation more productive at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture’s Tobacco, Beef and More Field Day.  It takes place on Thursday, June 22, at the Highland Rim AgResearch and Education Center in Springfield. Admission is free.

Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. CDT at the field day assembly area off Oakland Road. Field tours begin at 8:45. Arrive early so you can tour the trade show and educational displays. The complete program is available online at

Tobacco Tours will introduce visitors to a new dark fire variety, guide them in selecting the right liming material, and cover best practices for managing foliar diseases like angular leaf spot. Visitors can also learn about the practice of chemically topping burley tobacco, including appropriate rates, optimal timings, and the varieties that respond best to this method.

Beef Tour presentations will include information on pasture management and weed control in pastures and hay fields. Other presentations will cover drought management and proper location of water in pastures.

Additionally, visitors can choose to take an overview tour of the Highland Rim AgResearch Center.  Learn about the Center’s history, current research programs, and its important role in Tennessee agriculture.

The tours will conclude at approximately 12:30 p.m. when visitors will be treated to a delicious lunch (steak sandwich, chips, cold drinks).

More details are available at and on the Highland Rim AgResearch Center Facebook page. For additional information, or to request an accommodation for accessibility, please contact the Highland Rim office at 615-382-3130.

Pesticide re-certification points will be available for Categories 1, 4, 10 and 12.  Attendees can earn three points per category.

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