Farm Feature Friday: Green Siblings of Crossville, Tennessee

By Melinda Perkins, TCA Intern

This week’s Farm Feature Friday is the brother-sister duo, Tyler and Taylor Green, from Crossville, TN. Taylor shares with us how they built their widely-successful Limousin cattle operation from the ground up…. And, what it’s like to work with your brother on a daily basis.

Green 3How long has your family been involved in raising cattle? Tell us about how it got started.

Raising cattle has been in our family for many generations. My father grew up raising commercial cattle and hogs, and, naturally, he wanted to continue raising cattle with his own family. Nearly 22 years ago, my brother, Tyler, got his first show heifer at five years old and started showing at a few county fairs close to home. Later, I began showing cattle and we have traveled across the country showing ever since. Although our operation is primarily Limousin today, we haven’t always had Limousin cattle. We purchased our first Purebred Limousin bull in 2000 to crossbreed with our commercial cows. Excited about the calves, we purchased four Limousin heifers and the herd began to focus more on Purebred Limousin females and less commercial-based females.

Tell us about your farm today (breed of cattle, what are you proud of, etc.)

Our current operation consists of 35 head of registered Purebred Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle. These donors and genetics have laid the foundation of our herd for nearly 22 years now. We have been fortunate to have many champions within the state and have been able to be competitive nationally as well. We pride ourselves on selling quality cattle to juniors and seeing them succeed. As Tyler and I both age out of showing, we enjoy traveling to cattle show to assist juniors with their calves and projects. We both want to give back and help younger kids find their passion in the livestock industry, just like we both did.

Green 2What was your favorite part about growing up in the industry?

My favorite part about growing up in the industry has been the opportunities. In 2008-2009, Tyler was on a winning livestock judging team. This gave him the opportunity to compete in the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest in Louisville, KY and the Arizona National Livestock Judging Contest in Pheonix, AZ. In 2014, I was elected to the North American Limousin Junior Association Board of Directors. I served a two-year term on the NALJA Board, helping juniors and organizing the Limousin Junior Nationals. Overall, Tyler and I both agree that the opportunities, experiences, memories, and people you meet within the agriculture industry are a great part of growing up in the industry.

Green1What does it mean to you to be able to work with your family every day?

In our family, there never is a dull moment… If you know Tyler at all, you know he is always making jokes and trying to be funny. Even when there is work to be done, Tyler’s jokes and shenanigans don’t stop. Although it may drive us crazy at times, my family and I will always have those memories to look back on for the rest of our lives.

Do you have any advice for young Tennessee cattle producers about the business?

Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice because everyone has been in your shoes at some point in time. Take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy each experience you have within the cattle industry.

What’s your favorite beef dish?

Tyler has a hobby of cooking and he enjoys grilling steaks and hamburgers.

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