Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association 2018 Membership Drive Happening NOW!

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) is now holding their annual membership drive sponsored by the Tennessee Farmers Coop (TFC) again this year. The membership drive has brought more than 1,000 new members to TCA since 2007 and helped membership grow to record levels.

Individuals that recruit new members for TCA will receive prizes for their efforts. A new member of TCA is defined as someone that has not been a member of TCA since 2016.

Membership Drive.jpg

For a downloadable version, visit http://www.tncattle.org under the Events & Programs tab.

“We are excited about our 2018 membership competition. Our membership continues to grow and we are now one of the largest associations,” said Charles Hord, TCA Exective Vice President. “Thanks to Tennessee Farmers Coop we have some great prizes for both individual recruiters and extension agents that help our association grow.”

The prizes for the membership drive are as follows: recruit one member and receive a steer lapel pin, recruit three new members to receive maroon TCA t-shirt, recruit five new members and receive a TCA toboggan, and recruit ten new members to receive a maroon TCA polo shirt. The maroon t-shirts and polo shirts are only available to recruiters for their efforts.

To receive credit, TCA members must be noted as the recruiter when the new membership is received in 2018. Recruiters will be mailed their prizes from the TCA office on a quarterly basis.

TFC will sponsor prizes for the top three county Extension programs who recruited new members to TCA. The top three individual agents who recruit the highest number of new members will receive a donation of $500 in their name to their local 4-H Livestock Program. One Extension program from each grand division of Tennessee will be recognized and receive the contribution.

Winners of the 2018 TCA/TFC Extension Membership Drive will be announced at the 2019 TCA Convention and Trade Show in Murfreesboro, TN.

Information can be found in the Tennessee Cattle Business magazine, April issue. For more information, visit www.tncattle.org, email info@tncattle.org, or call (615) 896-2333.

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