FIVE on Friday: Top 5 Cattle Producing Counties in Tennessee


Today, we are kicking off our new Friday blog series called “FIVE on Friday.” Each Friday throughout the summer, we will feature FIVE bits of information about raising cattle, the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association, events throughout the state, resources available to cattle producers, etc. We hope that you’ll follow along with our new blog series!

If you’ve been in Tennessee agriculture for long, you’ve probably heard by now thatjones-beefmaster_38551196170_o cattle and calves are Tennessee’s top meat animal. From Johnson County in upper East Tennessee to Shelby County in West Tennessee, beef cattle are produced in all 95 counties in Tennessee. This makes Tennessee one of the top beef-producing states in the nation. Learn more below about the counties in the Volunteer state that make the largest contribution to the state’s beef cattle numbers.

  1. Greene County—Located on the Tennessee, North Carolina state-line, Greene County has the highest inventory of cattle in Tennessee. Greene County is home to 70,000 head of beef cattle.
  2. Lincoln County—Elvis Presley spent the night ONE time in Lincoln County, but 61,00 head of cattle spend the night there regularly.
  3. Giles County—As Lincoln County’s neighbor, Giles County ranks third in beef cattle production. Giles county is home to 59,000 head of cattle.
  4. Bedford County—Also in the central basin region, Bedford County makes the top FIVE with 52,000 head of beef cattle.
  5. Maury County—Rounding out the top FIVE, Maury County is home to 51,000 head of cattle.

In addition to there being cattle in all 95 counties across Tennessee, each county has their own county cattlemen’s association or is affiliated to a county cattlemen’s association. Visit to learn more about how to join your county and state association today! Let Tennessee Cattlemen’s be your voice!

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.02.41 PM

Information obtained from the Tennessee Ag Insider.

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