Five on Friday: Things to Wear this Summer


Here are a few items available from the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association that are perfect for all of your summer needs! There are ways to stay cool in the field and look cool off of it! Get something for your family, and a little something for yourself. Treat yo-self! Everything listed is under $20.

  1. Orange t-shirt with white TCA logo – $15 Stand out in the crowd with this brightly colored t-shirt. It’s perfect for relaxing or doing your farm work.
  2. Purple and white trucker hat – $16 Look stylish while still keeping cool in the hot sun. Untitled
  3. Gray t-shirt with “Beef Exhibitor” on the back – $15 When you are at cattle shows this summer, let everyone know that you are proud to be exhibiting your livestock
  4. Black and red baseball cap – $16 A black hat matches everything!
  5. Eat BEEF license plate – $7 This NEW license plate is perfect for anyone looking to advocate for beef while driving around! It is white with pink lettering and sponsored by the Tennessee CattleWomen!

To shop these 5 products, see photos of them all, or browse our other merchandise, click here. Shipping and handling is included in the prices. Please allow 5-7 business days for your items.

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