FIVE on Friday: FIVE Cattle Breeds

FiveOnFridayHereford, Charolais, Angus, Simmental, Shorthorn, Maine, Romagnola, Brangus, Red Angus… SO. MANY. CHOICES. In this week’s FIVE on Friday, we are highlighting FIVE beef cattle breeds and what they could add to your operation. For more information on where you can purchase these breeds, refer to the ads in the Tennessee Cattle Business magazine.

  1. Hereford. Hereford cattle were founded in Herefordshire, England as a way to efficiently convert native grass to beef while making a profit. If you’re looking for aHereford breed of cattle that is easy keeping, calving ease, and easy tempered then this red and white breed is the breed for you.
  2. Brangus. 3/8 Brahman + 5/8 Angus = Brangus! This breed make up was created as way to utilize the superior traits from both breeds. Brangus cattle are known for maternal excellence, longevity, and heat tolerance, just to name a few traits.
  3. Angus. Angus is an English breed of cattle that is widely known as the “business breed.” As the business breed, Angus females are known for their superior maternal traits which makes them ideal for crossbreeding. On the Angusterminal side, Angus are known producing high quality beef (Certified Angus Beef) with minimal days on feed. Angus are black in color and polled.
  4. Simmental. Originating in Switzerland, the Simmental breed is one of the oldest and most widely distributed breeds of cattle. Simmental cattle are known for their growth yields which can be attributed to their heavy muscling, larger frame size, and of course their hearty mothers.Simmental
  5. Romagnola. As a less familiar breed, Romagnola cattle can be white, gray, or tan in color. They are known for their growth, adaptability, maternal excellence and carcass quality. They are extremely heavy muscled and compact in their size.

Learn more about these breeds by visiting their Association website. Do you want the opportunity to connect with like-minded cattle producers or breeders? Join the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association today!

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