FIVE on Friday: FIVE reasons to join TCA

FiveOnFridayDo you have raise cattle? Are you a cattle enthusiast at heart? Do you have a desire to better the cattle industry in Tennessee? Are you looking for someone to represent you, cattle producers, on capitol hill? Do you want to stay up to date on cattle industry happenings in Tennessee? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then YOU should join the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association. Read below for FIVE reasons why you should join the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association.

  1. LET TCA BE YOUR VOICE. The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association has a presence on Capitol Hill, in both D.C. and Nashville, to represent cattle producers across the state. Let us hear your concerns, let us work for you.US Capitol in Washington DC
  2. TENNESSEE CATTLE BUSINESS. As a member of TCA, you will receive a monthly subscription to the Tennessee Cattle Business magazine. The magazine is chockful of upcoming sale dates, educational columns, information on industry events, and of course, farm photos submitted by our members.
  3. ANNUAL CONVENTION. TCA hosts an annual convention and trade show in January that includes a large trade show, educational speakers, business meetings, and industry networking. Additionally, TCA hosts a hands-on learning conference each summer. These are events you don’t want to miss out on!1-1
  4. EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITITES. The cattle industry is continually evolving. Stay up to date on industry standards and technologies through the educational opportunities and partnerships TCA offers.
  5. UNITE. From the flatlands of West TN, to the rolling hills of Middle, and Smoky Mountains of East TN, cattle producers unite with the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association. With approximately 7,000 members, it is certain that you’ll find someone with an operation like yours, a cattle producer with a similar problem, or at least someone who understands your way of life. 7,000 voices are louder than one.


More information about the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association can be found on our website, Join today to reap the many benefits of being a TCA member!

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