FIVE on Friday: Livestock Markets in Tennessee

FiveOnFridayThe cry of the auctioneer, stock trailers lining the parking lot, and the distinct smell of cattle mingling in the air. There is only one place this could be… the livestock market. Tennessee is fortunate to have many livestock markets across the state to meet the needs of the cattle industry. In this week’s FIVE on Friday, we are sharing FIVE of the livestock markets in the Volunteer state. Visit our older blog post to see FIVE other Markets we featured earlier in the year.

  1. Mid-South Livestock Center, LLC., Unionville, TN—Regular sale every Monday at 11:00 A.M. Visit their website,, for News, Events and Updates
  2. Hardin County Stockyard, Inc., Savannah, TN—Regular sale every Wednesday at 1:00 P.M. Take a look at the Hardin County Stockyard on their Facebook page (Hardin County Stockyard, Inc.)
  3. Crossville Stockyard, Crossville, TN—Regular sale every Saturday at Noon. More information can be found on their website,
  4. Farmers Livestock Market, Greeneville, TN—Visit their Facebook page (Farmers Livestock Market) to learn more about upcoming special sale dates!
  5. Southwestern Stockyards, Huntingdon, TN—Regular sale held every Tuesday. Visit their Facebook page (Southwestern Stock Yards) for more information.

Weekly market reports can be found at! Stay tuned to learn more about the livestock market in your area in the coming weeks.

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