FIVE on Friday: Tennessee State Fair Top 5 Females


The annual Tennessee State Fair beef cattle events were held Friday, September 7th through Sunday, September 9th in Nashville, Tennessee. The weekend ended with the selection of the Champion of Champions and top five females. In this week’s FIVE on Friday, we highlight the top five females selected at this year’s State Fair.


TSF 1 Overall

Dylan Inman exhibited the Champion All Other Breeds female that later went on to be named the 2018 Champion of Champions female. Congratulations, Dylan!


TSF 2 Overall

Kabry Tinin’s heifer, Miss Jackie SRC E102, was selected as the Reserve AOB and Reserve Supreme Female.

TSF 3 Overall

Jake Ozburn’s Limousin heifer was selected as the 3rd Overall Female. Jake also exhibited the Champion Shorthorn, Reserve Chi, and Reserve Limousin females at this year’s State Fair. Good job, Jake!

TSF 4 Overall

Allison Davis exhibited the Champion Red Angus and 4th Overall Female.

TSF 5 Overall

Kaylee Rowlett’s heifer, HIGG Estee 750E, was selected as the 5th Overall Female.


Congratulations to all of the juniors at this year’s Tennessee State Fair! The State Fair served as a sanctioned show for the Tennessee’s Top Tier points circuit. Point standings will be updated and made available in the coming days on the TCA website.

IMG_5552 2


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