Meet the Future Monday: Allison Angus of Humphreys County, Tennessee

Allison Angus consists of two farming operations in northern Humphreys County. AllisonAA group 4 Angus is owned by Martin and Marty Allison. In addition to operating a practical, herd-driven operation, their operation also maintains a small show string that is cared for by seven young, cattle enthusiasts. Learn more about their operations and show crew below.

Describe your operation.

Graydon Allison: We own 1000 acres and 120 cows, of which about 20 cows are mine. We raise black Angus to sell at our yearly sale in December. I also show cattle.

Cole Bailey: I do not have my own operation but hope to someday.

Braden Bone: I am new to having an Angus operation. I currently have 2 registered Angus on a small farm.

Richard Crowell: I got the opportunity to show with Allison Angus and since I have been showing with them and learning all about the cattle and doing day to day care. I have grown to love doing it and I now want to start my own farm.

Seth Greenwell: Allison Angus is owned by Mr. Marty.  The show part is a group of kids, mostly pre-teens, who show with the owner’s son.  It’s a bunch of fun!

Seth Greenwell 2

Seth Greenwell

Asa Greenwell: Allison Angus works as a team.  We work together.  We show up, wash, feed, water, clean stalls, and load up for shows as often as we can.  When someone can’t make it, someone else steps in to be sure their animals are taken care of.

What have you enjoyed most about growing up on the farm?

Graydon Allison: Many things…. I have a garden that I love, we have a creek that I like to swim and fish in. I get to spend time with my family and friends on the farm.

Cole Bailey: I have enjoyed all my many animals

Braden Bone: I like to work with my cows and I enjoy any time spent on a tractor.

Richard Crowell: I have enjoyed learning about all the time and effort you have to put into the cattle. I have gotten to see many different jobs and help with some while at Allison Angus. I have been able to help with the head catch, feeding, help herding, watching blood draws, and a lot more.

Brock Bailey: I have enjoyed working with my heifer the most.

Seth Greenwell: What I’ve enjoyed most about working with show cattle is how my cow went from being feisty, liking to kick, to being calm and gentle now that I’ve worked with her.

Asa Greenwell: The peacefulness and quietness.  Things are so crazy and busy at the farm.



Who has been your biggest role model in pursuing your farming aspirations?

Graydon Allison: My dad has been my biggest role model.

Cole Bailey: My dad has been my biggest role model.

Richard Crowell 2

Richard Crowell

Braden Bone: I come from a long line of farmers, but the most influential are my mom, stepdad, aunt, Grampy, and my nemesis, Megan.

Richard Crowell: My dad. Since I started showing he has helped me with everything and been there for me 24/7 and has been in 110%.

Brock Bailey:  My dad has been my biggest role model

Seth Greenwell: Mrs. Megan Tarpy.  She’s been a great role model.  She’s always there for us and helping us learn.

Asa Greenwell: Mr. Marty Allison has been very influential, providing the opportunity for us to work together.  Mrs. Megan Tarpy has worked hard helping us all learn.

What are you most passionate about?

Cole Bailey: I am most passionate about livestock.

Graydon Allison 1

Graydon Allison

Braden Bone: I am passionate about growing a registered Angus herd.

Richard Crowell: I am passionate that I will be able to help the cattle business grow and spread. I am passionate about the cows and how much responsibility it takes. I am passionate about showing and getting to do some of the show day stuff on my own.

Brock Bailey: I am most passionate about taking care of my heifers.

Seth Greenwell: Having fun!  As far as showing goes, keeping my heifer clean.

Asa Greenwell: Working as a team

What are some of the greatest challenges that you face as a young farmer?

Graydon Allison: Not having enough time between farming, school, and sports.

Cole Bailey: My age is my greatest challenge.

Cole Bailey 3

Cole Bailey

Braden Bone: Financials, finding the perfect feed mixture, and a good time ratio for farm and school are some of my greatest challenges.

Richard Crowell: The hardest thing that I have faced so far is the ability to make a habit and keeping a routine. Another challenge is getting more kids into cattle so the breed doesn’t die down. I hope our generation is stronger than ever.


Seth Greenwell: My biggest challenge when showing is getting my heifer and cow in a row.  They just don’t always stay there.  When I first started showing, I just didn’t understand.  Now I know I must keep my patience and practice.

Asa Greenwell: Some days the biggest challenge is just getting the cows through the cattle chute and catching them in the head catch.  That can be tricky!

Where do you see yourself and your operation in 10 years?

Graydon Allison: 10 years I will be 21. I would like for my herd to have grown. I also plan on being in college. I plan to invest my money back into cows.

Brock Bailey 1

Brock Bailey

Cole Bailey: I hope to have my own livestock. I hope to be able to grow the best cows.

Braden Bone: In ten years, I see myself owning my own land for my herd.

Richard Crowell: In 10 years, I plan to have an Angus farm and produce quality beef. I also hope that I can continue to learn by going to classes and growing my knowledge. I also want to be a member that Is continuing to improve the breed of Angus cattle.

Brock Bailey: I see myself having more cattle.

Seth Greenwell: I see Mr. Marty still being head of the business, but eventually turning the lead over to his son.  In time, there may be less show and more breeding and selling.

Asa Greenwell: Allison Farms is definitely growing.

How will you continue to improve and grow your operation, and leave your footprint on the beef industry in Tennessee?

Graydon Allison: I intend to leave my footprint by raising the best herd.

Cole Bailey: I will keep learning new and better ways to be on my own.

Braden Bone: I plan to leave my footprint by continuing to breed for the best genetics. I also hope to produce a highly desired bull and continue the effort to maximize crops.

Braden Bone 2

Braden Bone

Richard Crowell: I will buy cows with good genetics and then start producing my own. I hope to be able to make each cow better than the one before. I also plan to become a master beef producer and produce good quality meat. I also plan to have my own annual cattle sale and sell cattle that will help others grow their herd.

Brock Bailey: I will improve by working with my show heifer. I intend to leave my footprint by continuing to show.

Seth Greenwell: We can improve our operation and leave a positive footprint on the beef industry in Tennessee just by showing cattle as best we can.  It promotes Allison Angus cattle and the Angus Association when we do.

Asa Greenwell: Extra seed and fertilizer.  No, really, through shows and sales. I will leave my footprint by continuing to show.  Those seeing our cattle and seeing pictures of the events we go to smile.  It makes good impressions on people.  It makes them think positively about farms like ours.

What could existing farmers do most to help young producers like yourself?

Graydon Allison: They could teach me how to be a better farmer.

Cole Bailey: They could teach me what they know.

Asa Greenwell 1

Asa Greenwell

Richard Crowell: Show and tell us what works for them and how they manage their herds. Pass down knowledge to the younger kids.

Brock Bailey: They could talk to future farmers.

Seth Greenwell: Keep taking time to help kids learn.  Support young showmen by spending time with them, teaching them, and physically lending a hand when they need it.

Asa Greenwell: Keep helping us learn and showing us that working cooperatively with other farms helps everyone.


What is your favorite beef dish?

Graydon Allison: Applebee’s 6oz sirloin & shrimp parmesan.

Cole Bailey:  SteakAA group 5

Braden Bone: Filet mignon

Richard Crowell: My favorite dish is a ribeye cooked medium with just salt and pepper for seasoning.

Brock Bailey: Steak

Seth Greenwell: Grilled sirloin

Asa Greenwell: How could I choose?

Owner, Marty Allison, and Megan Tarpy guide the Allison Angus boys in their showing endeavors.

AA group 3

AA group 2

AA group 1

A skill-a-thon group study session for the Allison Angus crew.



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