FIVE on Friday: FIVE Reasons to Celebrate National Farmers Day


Did you know TODAY, October 12th, is National Farmer’s Day? Well, really every day should be National Farmer’s Day but today in particular is set aside to honor and celebrate the individuals who are dedicated to feeding, fueling, and clothing our world. There are many reasons Farmer’s should be celebrated but in this week’s FIVE on Friday we are sharing FIVE simple reasons why you should celebrate your farmer, whether that be your parent, grandparent, neighbor, or favorite vendor at the Farmer’s Market.

  1. Farmers work hard. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year Farmer’s are ALWAYS working. And, if they’re not working they’re thinking about working… thinking about which group of calves needs to be weaned, the impending rain, which hay field needs to be cut, etc. Farmer’s know that there is always work to be done and they will stop at nothing to get the task completed. Farmer’s don’t hold office hours which means simply completing the task regardless of the time of day.


  1. Farmers feed the world. Not only do Farmer’s feed the world but they clothe and fuel it too. One United States farm feeds 165 people annually in the United States and abroad. That is a large task for a Farmer, but as we all know, Farmer’s don’t back down from challenges.


  1. Farmers care. Right here, right now, I challenge you to name a person who cares more about the land, their livestock and their family than a Farmer does? Yeah, I didn’t think you could either. Farmers are simply the best stewards of the land. They know the land they farm and live on today is the future of agriculture and will be passed on to their children for many generations to come. Farmer’s also realize the task they have been given as the sole provider for the livestock on their farms. They WANT to provide the utmost care for their animals. AND, they WANT to do that because they know they’re feeding their own family and yours too. Farmers care.


  1. Farmers are talented. Beef cattle producer. Row-crop farmer. Dairy producer. Hog farmer. Poultry farmer. Etc. All farmers are talented.


  1. Farmers wear many hats. Businessmen, engineers, fathers, husbands, veterinarians, weathermen, bankers, counselors, advocates, mentors, and the list goes on and on. Not only does a Farmer’s job extend long beyond normal 8:00 to 5:00 office hours, but it also extends long beyond the boundaries of their farm too. Farmers wear many hats on and off the farm on a day-to-day basis.


How will you celebrate your FARMER this National Farmer’s Day!?


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