FIVE on Friday: FIVE Things to Know About Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week

FiveOnFridayAs we flip the calendars to November, there’s one industry event we want to be sure you get marked on your calendar for this month and that is Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week, November 11-17. A week dedicated to farmers and agriculturists reading accurate agriculture books to school children across the state of Tennessee. As a farmer or agriculturist, yourself, here are FIVE things you should know as you prepare for Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week…

  1. Make contact early. To assure that you are granted permission by the school system and teacher for the appropriate amount of time and in the desired grade level, make sure you contact the school as soon as possible. Communicate with them the purpose of Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week and your desire to share accurate, age appropriate, agriculture information with the students. AndersonReading
  2. Books are available in your county. Don’t let the excuse of not having an agriculture book hold you back. Accurate agriculture books can be secured at your county Farm Bureau office, local Extension Office, and library.
  3. Do more than just read! If you desire, there are other agriculture activities than just reading to the students. These activities pair great with the agriculture books or work as their own activity too. View the full list of readings and activities, here.
  4. Incentives. There are incentives for READERS and TEACHERS. As a reader, be sure to fill out the reader feedback form (and send in pictures too) to be entered to win an insulated mug. Also, encourage the teachers of the classrooms you visit to fill out their feedback form to be entered to win a Walmart gift card for their classroom. Forms are available here. Reading
  5. Share your story. Start by introducing yourself and your role in the agriculture industry. Read the book, show the students pictures, complete the activity, and share your knowledge about agriculture. Above all, remind the students (and teachers) how Tennessee farmers care for and protect their animals and the environment.

We hope you will make plans to participate in Tennessee Agriculture Literacy Week November 11-17. Not only is this a great way for farmers, producers, and agriculturists to get involved, but it is a great way for 4-H and FFA members to get involved too. For more information visit,

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