About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association is to provide the cattle feeders and producers in the State of Tennessee with an organization through which they may function collectively to protect their interests and work toward the solution of cattle industry problems; and to build the necessary good-will that will bring both governmental and public esteem and recognition to the industry.

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The beef industry is a vital component of Tennessee’s economy and the role of the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association is to protect and promote the beef industry and help educate our cattlemen here in the Volunteer State. TCA works on the county, regional, state and national levels to fight for and protect the interests of Tennessee’s cattlemen and cattlewomen. Some of the issues in which TCA has worked on in the past include private property rights, animal welfare, elk reintroduction, taxes, environmental concerns, and state fencing regulations. Goals actively being pursued on behalf of the Tennessee cattle producers:
• Permanent repeal of the “death” tax
• Securing a common-sense, least cost approach to National Animal ID 

• Building a positive image of the industry in the eye of the public

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association is a reorganized entity of the former Tennessee Livestock Association. TCA was established in 1985. The Tennessee Livestock Association was formed in 1952 and represented all livestock producers in the stat including swine, sheep and cattle.


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