Tennessee Names This Year’s Beef Ambassadors

Hannah Nave of Woodbury selected as Senior winner.

Hannah Nave of Woodbury selected as Senior winner.

Two Tennessee young people have been selected as Beef Ambassadors to help educate consumers about beef nutrition, food safety and stewardship practices of the beef industry. Hannah Nave, 17, Woodbury, and Lindsey Parsley, 15, Readyville, won the Tennessee Beef Ambassador Contest’s Senior and Junior Divisions, respectively. The contest was held in conjunction with the Tennessee Junior Beef Exposition in Murfreesboro July 8, 2015.

As winner of the Senior Division, Nave will advance to compete in the 2015 National Beef Ambassador Contest in Denver, Colorado, September 25-26, 2015. Five winners of that contest will be National Beef Ambassadors, traveling the United States to share the story of beef from pasture to plate with consumers and students.

Contestants in the Tennessee competition were divided into two divisions – Junior (13-16) and Senior (17-20). The contestants were evaluated on their abilities in two areas of competition: media interviews and consumer promotion. The panel of judges observed each contestant on their interaction of knowledge, articulation, poise, and overall ability to effectively educate the consumer.

Lindsey Parsley of Readyville selected as Junior winner.

Lindsey Parsley of Readyville selected as Junior winner.

“As consumers become more interested in knowing where and how their food is raised, it is vital that the livestock industry keep sharing its story,” said Janna Sullivan, Director of Retail, Food Service, and Youth Education for the Tennessee Beef Industry Council. “The national and state Beef Ambassador Program helps identify and train young people to become spokespersons for the industry. All of the young people who participated in the contest were great, and we congratulate Hannah and Lindsey for their terrific performances.”

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